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In order to review a request for support, Empiris requires complete documentation (without password protection).

This consists of:

  • Project description: form for applicants 
  • Detailed budget (investment costs, operating costs, payroll costs, etc.)
  • Financing plan
  • Logical framework matrix/logframe (for projects with a total cost of over CHF 25,000): template 
  • Other attachments

The following must also be submitted (if not published on the applicant's website):

  • Applicant's articles of association
  • Proof of tax exemption
  • Financial report/financial statements for previous year
  • Certified audit report for previous year

The project description should not exceed ten A4 pages. If Excel files are submitted, these spreadsheets must be formatted in such a way that they can be printed legibly in A4 format.

Applications for research projects

The following documents and information are requested electronically to review your request for support:

  • Completed first page of form for applicants
  • Description of the research project with an executive summary that can also be understood by non-specialists. If the project is part of a multiphase program, please provide information about the entire program, and in particular about the results achieved in phases that have already been completed.
  • Detailed budget and financing plan (including information on the following aspects: Which institutions have you submitted a funding request to? Which institutions have already confirmed a grant? Which have declined?)
  • Schedule
  • CV of the person(s) submitting the request
  • List of publications
  • For requests relating to medical research: the impact factor of the last two publications
  • Copy of the latest publication

The request for support and accompanying documentation must be submitted in electronic format and without password protection to

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